How to Trim Your Beard

Luke can’t grow facial hair, so don’t feel bad if this post doesn’t apply to your face.  You still are an awesome person in our book.  Christmas is almost upon us which means many of us will be having uncomfortable conversations with our significant others who would like us to look like we did 10 years ago…you know when we could see our abs, benched 300 pounds and were clean shaven.  Those days are dead.  Your lady friend probably still loves you but she also doesn’t want you looking like a squatch in a Christmas sweater for all of the holiday photos.  So in the spirit of giving it might be time to trim it a bit.  No matter how long or short you would like your beard…trimming can give it form.  It also can balance your beard out.  Trim it up and go from looking like a unhinged maniac to an intentionally bearded bad mutha.  Look like a boss.  Feeling the pressure to shave it off?  Go for the trim instead!  Don’t use clippers…watch the video below on how to trim your beard. 

Warning:  It is awkward to watch a video of a dude in his bathroom cutting his beard hair and talking to a camera….but the information is essential to show.

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