In Review: November’s Must Read Posts

It is a little late since we are 8 days into December but here are the must read posts in November in case you missed any with a turkey induced daze or buck fever.

The Red Sox won the world series so we put a post together about Ted Williams which includes an awesome 30 minute video. Watch it while the misses controls the remote.  We love our New England brothers and sisters.

We posted the worst video ever posted on YouTube and our favorite.

Luke scored this sweet Fishing journal.  If you bug him enough he may be able to get you one too.  No promises.

Beards are good for your health.

The Secret Reasons We are Obsessed with Fly Fishing is a must read post about what truly drives us.

Every one wants to know how to tie guide flies.

We busted out a sweet tying video featuring the Spawn fly.  A great steelhead fly and one anyone can tie.  Simple.

We launched out new store page and added our new super strong magnetic Tie One On Bowl.

Hank makes us laugh and Matt is a cool dude.

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