Review of Crushed Reviews

It is important for our gear to be able to hold up to hard conditions and hard use.  We love it with tough love and we use it hard.  (I just set a record on how may times I have written hard in two sentences).  Hard, hard, hard, hard! We have some sweet reviews planned for the upcoming year, after we have had a chance to work in some of the new gear.  Here is what we are using (insert adjective rhyming with nard) , so that we can give you an honest look at how it held up:  Lots of new Simms stuff, including packs, and waders, and other new releases.  Some of the Loop rods that have gotten a lot of hype. Lines, Accessories, wading boots, and tons more.  While you wait bellow is a bunch of links to some crushed reviews we have done in the past.  

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