When Samurai Replaced Swords with Fly Rods

Lee Stokes just busted out a pretty sweet article on Samurai and fishing…

Apparently for a period of 264 (Edu Period)years the Samurai had to put down their swords and their training.  These warriors, with so much of who they were removed turned to fishing and in particular something very similar to fly fishing.  It’s called the Ayu Style and it requires the use of a 16 ft (approx.) pole and a bent needle with cloth and feathers tied onto it.  
The Samurai found this to be a great replacement for their training, which was forbidden.

The Samurai replaced their swords with a fly rod…and their technical training with balancing on rocks as they traveled the stream.  

There are so many directions you can go from here to further prove the value of fly fishing to the soul.  I will just say this…if the Samurai found it to be a healthy, peaceful substitute for the art of war.  We could probably use it to leak a little more peace and health into our lives as well.  

Check out Lee’s article here.  Or you could just look it up in Wikipedia or something.

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