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Our buddy and award winning fly tyer Dean Meyers is now the owner of Dean is an awesome tyer who created the Chain Gang Stonefly and many other innovative ties.  Those of you who attended Tie One On 1 last year had the opportunity to watch Dean demonstrate and teach 2 of his flies.  More importantly Dean is a great guy who is a blast to fish with.

MyFlies is a website that is designed to get truly hand tied flies from expert tiers into your fly box.
What many people don’t know is that you often can’t get the flies you need for specific streams from big corporate outdoor super stores.  While these big store offer a lot of flies, they are generally tied overseas for an extremely low price then marked up dramatically before they hit the shelves.  They also often aren’t very stream specific.  This is why you should shop small when it comes to fly fishing.  Buy from your flies from local fly shops or local independent tyers, or let do all the work by gathering independent expert tyers for you.  

From Myflies:

MyFlies is proud to offer you, the discerning angler:
  • Premium, custom tied and tested flies that are personally tied by the tier who is offering them
  • Flies that are designed and tied specifically for the waters you are heading out to fish by a tier who is knowledgeable about those waters
  • Beautiful Collector, Presentation and Specialty flies that make wonderful gifts or additions to home, office or tying room
  • Professional Guides that are highly revered within the fly fishing industry
  • First class Lodges and Adventure Companies from around the world
  • Quality Cane Rod Builders
  • Creative Artists
  • Array of talented Authors willing to autograph and personalize your selection
  • “Old Fashion”, friendly customer service where we know we exist “because of you”

You can also list your business with for a very reasonable price.  Whether you are a fly tyer, guide, lodge or rod builder it is worth looking into listing your products on this website.

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