Contour Camera Update

Important update about the return of this company bellow!

Contour Roam from Keith White Audio on Vimeo.

This may not mean a lot to many of you but our favorite camera company went out of business in 2013 unexpectedly and suddenly.  We were and are sad.  You can still pick one up through Amazon but there is no technical support anymore and you can’t get the software.  It basically sucks.  Which is a shame because trust me…for the fly fisher or hunter the Contour cameras are much better suited than the more popular GoPro Cameras.  Here is the good news.  Contour will be relaunched and with a much better buisness plan.  


For now all of you who are in the market probably need to go with the GoPro (which are great cameras) but if you can hold off until the end of this year it will be worth it! 
This is a little contour video, just like all the other POV videos you say?  Maybe except for the sleek format and operation of one of the easiest to use cameras on the market.

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