Cool People Of Fly Fishing: Jayson Hale

Have you been watching the 2014 X Games?  You should be.  Fly fisherman and Olympic Snowboarder Jayson Hale has been doing a little boarding sporting a RealTree Camo get up and when he doesn’t have his helmet on he is sporting a pretty slick Patagonia hat.

from Jayson Hale’s Instagram Feed.

I first heard about this rad guy from the wonderful world of Instagram.  We follow Jay and Jay follows the CRO.  Besides ripping it up in the X Games, Jay and his crew have been doing some seriously awesome exploring in Alaska and Canada.  The best part is: they have been posting their explorations on YouTube. The episodes are called “Earth’s Playground”  There are 13 episodes on Jayson’s YouTube channel

Here is Episode 9 which takes a look at the Pebble Mine issue.

Make sure to check out all of the episodes on YouTube and pay attention next time you see some crazy dude cutting it up on the slopes.

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