Happy Birthday Luke

Luke Loves it When I Take These Impromptu Selfies
It is CRO FLIES Co-founder Luke Ott’s Birthday today.
So I thought I would put a little post together to say: Happy Birthday Luke.
The dude does it all (usually with a wry grin on his face.)
His boilo sucks but his art work is awesome.
He is pretty slick with the fly rod and he only needs two tries to net a steelhead.
His flies are works of art which is good because it takes him forever just to tie one.
He can catch fish when I doubt fish even exist in a stream.
He fishes on the edge of extreme weather and will do anything it takes to get a couple more hours in and a few more fish netter.  Which is perfect Рbecause no one else will wake up at 2:00 am for a fishing trip or fish through the night til 3 AM with me.
Love you dude!
Awesome Brown Luke Caught
Wicked Good with the Stick

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