Keep Your Feet from Freezing

My wife spent hours researching before purchasing me a pair of BAMA SOKKETS (for under $30).  She knows I just can’t give in a buy heated socks like other CRO Crew members, even though they rant and rave about them. Although I have never lost any toes to frostbite I have endured some pretty painful feet.  Honestly I was seriously contemplating breaking down and making the $200 heated sock purchase.  No one wants to have cold feet, especially when those cold feet take you away from a day of fishing or cause you to fear loosing a toe.  I tried the BAMAs, an awesome Christmas gift) with some Heavy Wool Arctic Weight socks in 17 degree weather with water temps just on the verge of freezing.  By day two we were frozen out…but my feet weren’t!  After hours of standing in those temps your feet will get cold no matter what you wear.  But my feet were much warmer with the BAMA set up than they ever were before in similar conditions.  I realized my feet were cold twice, once at lunch switching streams on day one and when I got in the car to drive home at the end of day two.  For under $30 bucks it is worth the gamble to see if they work for you.  These things insulate great, wick and hold moisture away from your feet, something that is hard to do when your feet and socks are encased in the neoprene booties of your waders.
They fit tight so you need to get a size up and they are also narrower in the toe. So they are a little uncomfortable until you get used to them.  When it is all said and done: having these things be a little uncomfortable but warm is a great trade.

Wear them over one pair of warm wool sock…I recommend Carhartt Arctic Wool Heavy Boot Socks.
There are some good reviews on Amazon so you can read up about these awesome foot insulators.  You can also purchase your BAMAs there too.  We get nothing from BAMA or your purchase we just like to pass on great finds to other winter warriors braving the elements for that one perfect moment.

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