King of The River on the Sportsman Chanel Review

I watched the first episode of King of the River on the sportsman channel yesterday afternoon.  It is well done and I think a great show to express some of the beauty of our fly fishing world.  It is well shot and the host seems like the perfect host to draw in those who are interested but not really involved in the sport already.  He rightfully captures the beauty that surrounds all parts of our sport.  From the instructional standpoint:  You can always learn more about our sport if you are a student of fly fishing.  That being said I don’t think the intended instruction is for the avid fly fisherman.  This show does, however, share a in depth description of the makeup and behavior of the Atlantic Salmon.  

I was captured by the setting and our host AndrĂ© Paradis is a fitting guide, helping us ease into the moment.  It made me long for the water and Andre reminded me again why I cherish this sport so much.    
I have great hopes for the upcoming episode when our host dives with the Atlantic Salmon.  I think this is really going to pick up.  Check out the website.  Also, here is the listing on the sportsman channel.  
If nothing else the beautiful scenery of Quebec and the sounds will lull you into a tranquil state of relaxation.
Man, people who don’t do this stuff have no idea what they are missing!!!!


King of the River Trailer 2014 from kingoftheriver on Vimeo.

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