Montana Trip

This is just a quick, fun video I threw together on a trip I took to Montana this past Fall.  I had a long weekend off from law school, and decided to take a quick trip to visit my old buddy Guy who I make serious effort to keep in touch with since our wild undergrad days in Malibu, CA. The fish count was low, but the fun level was high and it was a great scouting trip to one of the sickest outdoor towns in the world, Bozeman, MT. (also SIMMS’ home base). It was also great to catch up with an old bud.  Take advantage of friends couches.  Its allowed me to ski in Vail every year, fish in Montana, crush pow in Tahoe, and surf in Malibu year in and year out, and more importantly keeps important relationship up and life does not get stale.

Guy is a chameleon.  Coming out of York, Pennsylvania area, he was a surfing bro-brah/rugby teammate in Malibu when we attended Pepperdine together. He then morphed into a long-haired, rock climbin’, yoga stretchin’, mad river glen ski it if you can, hippie Vermont law student.  And now after a few more years as an Amish man back in PA protecting the Susquehanna as a lawyer, he’s established camp in Bozeman as the esquire-captain-planet-kayakin’-mate-drinkin’-truck-drivin’-dog-lovin’ Riverkeeper of the Upper Missouri Watershed.  Check it out if you’re in the Bozeman area, and give him a shout… he sucks worse than me at fly fishin’ but he’s always down to get his line wet.


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