Out of the Box PREview: Simms G4Z Stockingfoot Waders

*An “Out of the Box PREview” is a preview of gear we will be doing a #crushed-review on later in the year.  “Out of the Box PREviews” give our initial thoughts on the product right out of the box, before it is used.  These PREviews will tell you what we like, what we love what we are unsure about and/or what we don’t like.  Then after using the products (and using them hard) we will write a Crushed Review and you will get to see how the product held up to our initial impressions.  

Out of the Box PREview: Simms G4Z Stockingfoot Waders
General Thoughts: There are a couple different thought processes when it comes to purchasing waders, and I have been down both paths.   Some people prefer to save money and go with a cheap pair of waders, fully knowing that they may only get a season or so out of them.  These waders are usually bare bones when it comes to features, and in my experience tended to be a bit uncomfortable.  Cheaper waders lack breathability preventing heat and moisture from escaping the inside of your waders, which causes condensation to build up.  Don’t think that this is something that only happens on a hot day!  It happens on cold days as well, and I can tell you from experience that it’s never a good thing!  I got sick of spending the money every season for cheap, uncomfortable waders, and changed my thought process on the subject. 
I decided to drop some cash ($250) a few years ago on Cabela’s Guidewear Pro SBT Dry-Plus Waders, and they have served me well for the past 4 seasons, BUT there were still a couple of things that I was not happy with and didn’t expect (thats why this is a PREview of the Simms G4Zs and not a Crushed Review of them!!).  Despite these, top of the line, Cabela’s waders saying they were breathable I still had the same issues with condensation.  I also was not happy with how they fit.  I require a large but every wader I’ve ever had was baggy in the legs adding to the discomfort of a full day of wading, and also caused them to wear out faster.  I started to research it further and believe I have found the answers to my problems in Simms. 

What I Like:
Features – As always Simms products are made with the fly fisher in mind, and the G4Zs do not disappoint!  The G4Zs are pretty impressive from the second you open the lid!  Immediately, you have some great features staring you in the face.  A fly patch and Simms tool retractor, 2 large chest pockets for a thin fly box and or tippet, and two zippered hand warming pockets are also on the chest.  How can you miss the large waterpoof zipper running down the middle of these waders!  I almost can’t wait to have to pee streamside now that I don’t have to worry about dribbling down the front of my waders!  Not only does the zipper make it easier to relieve yourself but it also allows you to vent your waders on those warmer days.  The suspenders(shoulder straps) are another great feature.  These have to be the most comfortable suspenders on the market!  AND they have a loop to attach your net (hopefully Brodin Net!) for safely catching and releasing your fish.  Learn more about the great features on these bad boys HERE.
What I Love:
GORE-TEX! – This right here, GORE-TEX, is what its all about… AND what separates Simms from all of the rest!  GORE-TEX is the best fabric for the job and the only thing that will keep you dry and comfortable, unlike those other breathable waders on the market. It’s no doubt, what I am most excited about out of the box!
Fit- My second biggest concern when it comes to waders is resolved thanks to Simms!  Simms offers the most diverse range of sizes in waders enabling you to get a wader that fits your chest, inseam and foot measurements.  This great range of sizing options allows you to purchase a custom fit wader!  Not only will it be more comfortable when wading, but it will also wear better aiding in the longevity of these waders!  

What Concerns Me:  My only concern is with the waterproof zipper on the waders.  This is a feature I spent some extra money to have, but it is still a concern for me.  I have the worst luck with zippers (breaking them, getting things stuck in them, etc) and something about a zipper actually being waterproof just worries me a bit.  I’m sure it will be okay but time will tell!

What I dislike: Nothing, nada, zip.
Other Thoughts: I recommend checking out these waders and other great products Simms has to offer!  The 2014 Spring Launch is pretty amazing and loaded with great gear… Definitely worth blowing some of your tax return on!  This was just an out of the box PREview, so please check back in the future for the Crushed Review!
oh yea… MADE IN THE U.S.A.!

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