This Crazy Dude Jumps in a Frozen Lake to Show you How to Survive.

All in the name of science…or to provide you with life saving information.  The good Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht is considered the leading expert on survival in the cold.  You can enlist in his classes if you are close enough to enroll in the University of Manitoba, or you can just check out all three of the videos bellow.  
It is painful to watch as the Doc slurs his words as he tortures himself with freezing water.  But, the dude is an expert, so these are must watch videos.  You know…just in case.
Of course my favorite line from the clip is when the Doc explains how a few people have survived even after going unconscious: “They survived because their arm or even their beard was frozen to the ice!”
He even runs a cold water boot camp.

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