You have to Go: F3T 2014

F3T is back with an awesome new website.  

With more scheduled events in more towns across the country; this year is going to be huge for the F3T.  Make sure to check out the schedule to find a show near you.  
We recommend getting your fishing crew together, grabbing a few brewskies and make a night out of the event.  If you are going to one around us let us know! Please be responsible and pick a d-d.  Last year as we were pulling out of a ridiculously confusing intersection after the show and the coppers busted a guy with a license plate that read MAYFLY.  We felt bad for the dry flyer and hoped he hadn’t been drinking.  If I was him I would contest that ticket and make them force someone with half a brain to restructure that intersection.

Back on track: F3T events are fun, loud (except for when a film is playing) and crazy with prizes available too.  But don’t worry it is a kid friendly environment…I think…I am pretty sure I saw kids there.

Last year some lucky fellow found Bobby’s prize, which he accidentally left in his seat as we rushed off to Erie to throw some line. Bobby was sad but think of all the joy the cleanup crew had when they discovered his case of Striper Flies.

For $15 bucks it is exactly what you need to break up your winter and re-motivate you for spring
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