Your Potential New Year Resolutions

Everyone is doing it and posting it on Facebook…So why not you? 
After all who doesn’t need to be more resolute.  If you are going to do it may we make a few suggestions?
Here are  our TOP TEN suggestions for you as you consider making changes in your life for 2014.

10. Fish More and tell your significant other your intentions to fish more … You need this, it makes you a better person and IT IS GOOD FOR YOU!
9.  Prioritize your life better.  Priorities make everything else better.  Prioritize your family and your fishing trips will be much more enjoyable…PS. this also makes number 10 easier.
9.  Start tying your own flies.  I know what you are thinking “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”  But you do have time for it.  Instead of eating a bunch of crap while you wind down and watch your favorite show or team before going to bed why not tie some flies?  This too will help you shed stress. Need more convincing? Here you go! or check out all of Josh’s tying posts here.
8. Thoroughly learn a new body or new stretch of water. We all get comfortable with our favorites, but there is something exciting about mastering a new section of water.  Be an adventure.  Branch out.
7.  Spend less time on Facebook and more time using your screen in productive fashion!  FB is the devil.  Ok, not really but it is sucking tons of your time into a black abyss.  This is lost time you can never get back.  Shut off the computer and do something productive.  If you absolutely need to be on your computer or searching the web on your phone cruise around the blogs. 
6.  Take a kid fishing (especially if you have kids)!  Many people who do this say they have just as much fun watching a kid experience the sport as they do catching their own fish.
5.  Try fly fishing at night.  Your heightened senses will tingle, but be careful.  Wading can be dangerous and, you know, squatches.
4.  Create your own fly.  You can come up with a fly that produces better than the flies you can buy at Cabelas.   It is true.   Here is how!!!!
3.  Walk to fish don’t just park and fish.  Get away from the crowds, find some new cool spots and get some exercise.  
2.  Bookmark the CRO
1.  Be kind and respectful on and off the water. Here are a few tips for crowded situations.

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