Godfather Brad Bohen and his Primo Tail

I am going to be honest. I have watched way to many tying videos by Brad Bohen…I just watch them over and over and over again. In fact just talking about it…makes me want to watch them (check out the hang time optic minnow video at the bottom of this page). My wife recognizes his voice and I keep yelling at the camera man to zoom in. It is unhealthy. But Brad is an awesome guy, very helpful and extremely approachable through his Facebook page.  He is (at least to us)…the Godfather of fly fishing for Muskellunge, the grizzly bear of fresh water fly fishing.  Check out Musky Country Outfitters!
If you haven’t seen the best Musky Fly Fishing Film Ever …you need to.
Brad sells the best tail around (buck tail to clarify).  You have to follow Brad on FaceBook.  He recently posted a story about his journey to start his own PrimoTail production facility…it went a little like this:
(From Brad’s Facebook Page)
Used to be I had to make clandestine runs around the county to various laundry mats…washing 100 tails at a time. That came to a screeching halt last season when me and a buddy(who shall remain nameless) got into it with a pissed off laundry mat owner…Briefly the interaction went like this…Laundry mat guy “WTF!”MuskyMadMan “Hey, I paid! WTF!!”LMG “Blah, Blah, FYOU I’m calling the cops!!”MMM “Fine! Go ahead!”PoPo “OK, WTF”(Both sides give their story)LMG – he wants me arrested for criminal damage to property!MMM – Calls bullshit! The woman washing dirty diapers who was just in here was doing basically the same thing!! If you don’t allow dead animal parts to be washed then post it!”PoPo “Laughs! Warns me to not continue this practice in his County any longer and asked me to finish my load and Peacefully leave.”LMG “Growls and howls”Needless to say – I am a law abiding free man! So I comply…and it’s now a great relief that I’ve got my own production facility!

Known to many online as The Afton Angler or The Musky Mad Man you can order the best tail on the planet (Primo Tail) from the Godfather himself by emailing him at guide@muskycountryoutfitters.com (limited tail available)  Email Brad for ordering details.

And now here is Brad Tying the Hang Time Optic Minnow

Fly Tying with Brad Bohen (Hang Time Optical Minnow) from TheNewFlyFisher on Vimeo.

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