One Fly Tournament Results (March 16th 2014)

Luke slinging his Loop Opti Creek and a Cross1 4wt
Photos by Crystal and Greg Wood
Bobby doing work.

Congrats to our very own Luke Ott and Bobby Wolfgang for winning the one fly tournament hosted by Rivers Outdoors Adventures to benefit SCTU.  They landed the win despite facing difficult conditions, tough competition, and all those hard to calculate variables, like who fished where and with what before you, that go into a one fly tournament.  
Tyler from Natural Pursuit Outdoors even gave the boys a shot out with this quote: “I knew the CRO boys would have it locked up. Congrats Bobby Wolfgang and Luke Ott!”  
But the CRO Boys almost lost to, two other CRO Boys…Matt and Ryan Warner
These #crocrew brothers slammed it pretty good giving Bobby and Luke a run for their money coming in just one fish behind the CRO CREW.  The inch differential made it apparent that all the Warner Brothers needed to do was catch one more fish measuring out at just 37″ to tie for first.  Sounds like everyone had fun and keep your eye open…I hear that Rivers Outdoor’s Adventures Fly Shop will be hosting more fun events in the near future.
MOST IMPORTANTLY:  The money raised went to supporting our local Trout Unlimited Chapter.  Thanks to Greg Wood for putting a lot of work into the event and for River’s Outdoor Adventures and SCTU for supporting the event.  

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