Store Your Fly Gear Like a Boss

Get a Big Container.
Smother it with stickers.
Add magnetic strips or a pad.  
Fill it with stuff.
Serves as a table for sippy cups and other stuff.
Add handles to make dragging and lifting a much easier experience.

See pictures bellow for a how too.
Old wading boot laces work well, para-chord will work too.
Knot loops for handles.
Run it through the holes in the container (Slowly drill some holes if your container doesn’t have any).
Run the chord or laces all way through the container and through the whole in the other side.
This adds strength to the handles and provides a guide for how far you can fill the tub.
Add containers for organization.  This is a great way to keep fly boxes and other important gear organized and it also helps keep hooks and nippers away from waders and wading jackets.  If you are a guide it is also a great way to keep your client waiver forms and other important stuff dry.

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