Micro-Nymphing for Trout

Micro-Nymphing for Trout Quick Guide:

Micro-Nymphing in simple terms is a focus on fishing small nymph patterns that “match the hatch” for the local body of water.

Here are some keys to doing it effectively:

  • Do use this technique when you are fishing for heavily pressured wild trout.
  • Do fish a double nymph rig with about 15 to 18 inches of tippet between each fly.
  • Do place your split shot approximately 6 inches above the fly.
  • Do adjust…everything, all the time.  There are times where we will change split shot size and move split shot location a number of times before finding the sweat spot on a particular day.
  • Do fish two small flies (by small we mean naturally small…to know this you need to know what food sources and sizes of food sources are in the stream…flip some rocks or ask your local fly shop.)
  • Do use light tippet and leaders. Most of our pressured waters 6x will suffice.
  • Do start with a very minimal amount of weight and work your way up depending on the section of water you are fishing.  Note: This is different than Czech-nymphing which is designed to fish deep fast pockets for trout, in czech-nymphing dropping your flies through the water table fast is essential.  The focus for micro-nymphing is to present subsurface as naturally as possible.  You want your flies to behave in the water as realistically as possible.
  • Do avoid using weighted flies.
  • Do lose the idea of an attractor fly.  You will be fishing where the fish are and presenting them with a natural food source.  Finding the fish is your first task, before getting your line wet.

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