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Navy Seals
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For 264 years the Samurai Warriors during the EDU period were forced to lay down their swords for their country.  These mighty warriors had to leave the art of war, maintain their discipline and balance all while trying to battling a loss of identity that was so intertwined with what they did and who they are.  To continue to thrive these warriors took up fly-fishing.

We wrote about it here.  
Now a Retired Navy Seal Command Chief, Jay Manty is running a special program, incorporating awesome fly fishing trips, to help special forces warriors.  It is called Discover-Courage.

From the discover-courage website :

DC provides unique outdoor-focused programs for IA/NMF members to productively apply their hard-earned professional skills to new challenges designed to yield lifelong rewards, personal growth, and foster leadership development. Read more here.

To foster leadership development and personal growth for Interagency and National Missions Force members, past and present, through exclusive programs respectful of the specific needs of this community and its members.
Vision –Discover Courage supports Interagency and National Missions Force members, past and present, in productively applying their exceptional skills in special outdoor oriented programs, while respecting the privacy of participants, donors, and supporters.
I am pretty pumped that this program is running, after all these guys are well past the front line in serving and fighting for what we hold dearest.  Pass it on.  You can also donate to the program here.  

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