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DamNation: We can make a difference

Sorry for shouting the title of this blog post… let me calm down and start by saying, you need to watch the documentary DamNation.  I knew dams were an out of date means of creating energy, but it was enlightening to see just how not “green” hydro energy is in comparison to the abundance of solar and wind.

I was also was aware of the impact that dams have on our fisheries and landscapes but I was blown away at how many dams we have in America!  There are approximately 75,000 dams over 3 feet tall in America! INSANE!  Bottom line is dams are out of date, unneeded and have harmed not only our fisheries, but the American landscape.

Watch the film on Netflix, iTunes or buy the DVD/Blueray through the link above.  Please watch and make your own Dam conclusion!  Hopefully you will join us in signing the Dam petition. 

Check out the trailer:

DamNation – Trailer from Patagonia on Vimeo.

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