Must See: Low and Clear

Winter 2016 is upon us and here in the North East we are getting ready for the first big winter weather event of the year.  So while you load up on milk and bread in preperation for a weekend stuck at home make plans to watch the best fly fishing movie out there.  It is called Low and Clear and it is a brilliant character study and fly fishing movie.  I have watched it 4 times and it never gets old.  This film captures the far swings of personality as it collides and meshes with this beautiful art we call fly fishing.  It is a story of friendship, art and fish.  You will love it.

“Let’s see if we can find peace in our hearts.”
“%$*#@$ this #$%^&ing Wind”

Bend your ear toward the awesome soundtrack, just lean back and brace yourself for flurries of vulgarity.  This is a raw and real picture.

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