7 Tips To Have A Better Spring

Soon the masses will awaken, grab their tackle box and head out to stand shoulder to shoulder to fight for stocked trout. It is spring and to so many people trout season means stockies, stringers and powerbait. If that is you I have to say you are missing out on so much. For us, while there is something special about spring, trout fishing is an all year deal which has taken us to some beautiful places far beyond the “favorite fishing hole.” Here is how you can improve your game and expand your “season” in more ways than one. This spring up your game.
 Here are my 7 tips to have a better spring.

  1. Eat sandwich, release fish.
  2. Pick up a fly rod. I have yet to find one person who hasn’t loved setting down the spinner and picking up a fly rod.
  3. Explore new places that aren’t “approved trout waters.”
  4. Leave the stockies and search for wild fish.
  5. Learn a new technique.
  6. Make it about the experience, not about the social media post.
  7. Fish with the people you love.

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