Reasons We Fish #1 – Get Outside

I’m asked the question “why do you fly fish” all the time, and I find it hard to put into words (without making them regret ever asking the question). So I thought, what better way to answer the question than simply showing them. Over the next few years I plan on exploring this question and my answer to it through a series of fly fishing shorts titled “Reasons We Fish”. ¬†Get Outside is the first short of this series. Feel free to follow along as I try to answer this loaded question as painlessly as I know how.

Reason #1 – Get Outside

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  1. Take a walk into the woods and mountains, hike along a forest steam. Surrender a time and leave the stress and burdens of your daily life. Fill a back pack with food and water. Leave it all behind for a short time. Breathe the air and the scent of the forest. Listen to the winds blowing through the trees and the sounds of the stream flowing by and by. Wade into the waters and be still observe the wildlife of the stream. Each hole and riffle exposing its own story and beauty. Watch the sunrise through the trees and relax in the warm sun of the afternoon. Cast lightly through the day. If you are fortunate a trout will accept your offering. A nymph floating through the rocks or rising to sip at the surface. Let your heart take in wholesome things and life! This stream and forest is here always through time. You can return when time allows but it will return to you through the days. Creation whispers the voice of peace. The forest and wildlife are at peace and living as it was intended from the beginning. The trees lift their hands and the mountains cry out for joy to their creator. Upon our return to the haunting of complexity we are not the same in the knowing that the stream and the forest and the sun remain for our return. Our souls to return to the whispers of eternity over the rocks and shadows. And rest for our weary hearts.

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      Thanks for sharing Fredrick! That was beautifully written and we look forward to hearing more of your thoughts as we move forward.

      Tight Lines!

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