Take Action: Protect America’s Public Lands


Having been away for so long I wanted to take a minute to reintroduce ourselves and tell our story for some of our new followers.  However, some recent events have transpired that have forced me to put those plans on the back burner.  We, as outdoorsmen, constantly talk about how we are stewards of the land, and how we need to do our part in protecting our resources for generations to come.  This means more than participating in river cleanups (Although, that is important too!).  Sometimes we have to stand up to our politicians and leaders.  On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted on a rules package that has put ALL of America’s public lands at risk.  These public lands contain 70% of the remaining habitat for native trout.  It’s not just our fisheries at risk; all you hunters, hikers, campers, bikers, etc are at risk of losing your playground as well.  This land is our land… for now anyway.

This is how the votes fell:

Republicans- 234 Yeas; 3 Nays

Democrats- 0 Yeas; 190 Nays

We need to do everything we can to preserve our natural resources and protect them from selfish men and their greedy interests.  PLEASE click on the link below to go to Trout Unlimited’s website to read more about this serious issue, and more importantly to TAKE ACTION!  They have links to sign a petition to protect OUR land.  They also provide links to take further action. And, if you are curious as to how your Representative voted (you should be), you can find that there as well.

Click Here: Trout Unlimited: It Only Took One Day

Please help spread the word.  Share this issue along with TU’s link with all of your friends and family.

We need to make our voices heard!


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