Reasons We Fish #3 – My Old Man

My Old Man is the 3rd video in our “Reasons We Fish” film series. I’m sure we all have very similar stories, but it was my old man that introduced me to fishing and is the reason I have such a love for fly fishing and the outdoors today. It was my dad that would take me out and got me addicted to this lifestyle at a very young age. However, these days our roles have switched a bit. I’m the one shouting fly recommendations upstream, redirecting his attention when its clear his mind has drifted elsewhere, and constantly looking over my shoulder to make sure he isn’t drowning. Having said all of that, I love every second that we spend together on the river. We always find ourselves laughing (usually at my old man’s expense) and always leave with a new story to tell. This video highlights, just a few of the (many!) memorable antics that we are lucky enough to share.

Reason #3-My Old Man.

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